in the Town of Avon

Due to the cost-prohibitive nature of curbside pickup, the Town of Avon does not provide for curbside pickup of garbage and recycling at this time.

As an alternative, the Town provides dumpsters at the Town Hall for use by Town residents. 100% of the cost of this program is absorbed into the Town’s normal operating budget, eliminating the need to assess special charges on property tax bills.

For this service to continue, we all need to do our part to utilize the Town Hall dumpsters respectfully.

  • Place normal household garbage into the garbage dumpsters
  • Place cardboard, plastic and other recyclables into the recycling dumpsters
  • If you’re not sure what goes where, read the labels on the dumpsters
  • Break down cardboard boxes to maximize dumpster capacity
  • Throw items as far back into the dumpsters as possible to maximize capacity

Dumping is not allowed … $500 fine

Per Ordinance 2021-02 adopted by the Town Board in August 2021, no items whatsoever are to be left outside of the dumpsters. This includes normal garbage and recycling that should be placed into an appropriate dumpster, as well as yard waste and large items such as tires, mattresses, furniture, etc. The Town Hall is under surveillance and illegal dumping carries a $500 fine.

Wondering what to do with your large items?

The Town of Avon contracts with Green County Landfill to secure discounted pricing on everything from tires, construction waste and electronics to compost and freon. CLICK HERE for more information on the Landfill, including up-to-date discounted pricing for Avon residents. The Landfill is located just a few miles west of Brodhead at W2002 Cty Hwy SS. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Call 608-897-8605 with questions.

Thank you and always remember: Don't make YOUR garbage SOMEBODY ELSE'S problem.